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Robert Amesbury Brooks studied at the Slade School of fine Arts, London the years 1983 to 1987. Under the tuition of Norman Morris, Euan Uglow, Patrick George and Sir Lawrence Gowing.

Thus in September of 1983, under their tuition, Robert learnt through studying from the model to look and to observe not just the figure but also at the person in relation to her surroundings. Critical analysis become paramount: Where does the arm lay in relation to the female form? It isn't just an organ coming down from the shoulder. It is a mathematical and structural part of the whole space.

There is rhythm in it, colours vibrating with light and the absence of it. Where is the model? Reclining in a chair? Where is the chair? Where is light coming through? Bathing her face and creating pools of shadows? The shadows are not black, they reflect the colours of the nose, the hair cascading like water over the shoulders and there are the arms.

Corfe Castle has become Robert’s muse - his Calleope. A loyal feminine model in one of the most beautiful places in England, Dorset, The Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast a World Heritage Site.

There she is as a sacrificial offering like Chichen Itza, rolling stones like skulls form the village but the shadows are perennial evidence of its survival not as once it was but as what it is today.People come and go; visitors of the lady who sits majestically are still amazed by her persona. Robert views her with all her drama - Melpomene virtuosity - her history and her influence in the landscape. She stills like an apple and
dances to the cadence of the seasons; the artist captivated by her has become her slave.

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