Pietro Bellani

My work does not consist of making a painting or a sculpture, even if this is the end result.  My work is creating an event, a story, developing a theme wherein a work is assembled, built based on the space, thereby creating works of art compatible with their environment while maintaining the independence of the art work itself.
In the last few years, living in the country on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, I learned to know the Magra river; the rhythms of water running through stones, the signs in sand and mud of animals visiting the shores of the stream. Meditation on this habitat created in me a figurative reality of man; looking for the soul, the fragility of feelings and of love, tracks and signs, imprints of a world that departs from afar to come ever closer, the color, the jealousy of secrets and fragments of memory that tie us to what we represent.
That is how my themes were born “Water Signs”, “Footprints”, “Traces”, “Paths”, “Soul Layers” and “Blue Jealousy”, using materials such as paper, cloth, metal, pigments, resins, glass and other organic materials.
It all converges on the theatre of life, where we are simply the means to communicate a script.