Pennie Cunliffe-Lister

The greatest compliment anyone can pay me as an artist is when they buy a painting that I have created to hang and live with them in their own personal space.
I have used many different media to help me convey my chosen subject – I use whatever I think will most effectively describe my theme. I am enjoying experimentation with the exciting and challenging medium that paint affords: oils, acrylics and pastels – it depends on my subject.
I enjoy water and nature as a subject above all and am fascinated by light and reflection. I enjoy creating “windows” in my work through which one can hopefully escape. My work has developed and evolved unintentionally over time through all manner of different subjects that have caught my imagination. There is no doubt that I am greatly inspired by my grandchildren and their take on the world. I feel when I paint a picture it speaks for itself and is whatever the viewer wishes to take from it. Everybody finds something a little different in my work and that makes me content.
Currently I am inspired by the drama in the change of the seasons and in particular woods and forests and the starkness of the trees especially silver birches against a winter skyline.
“To live is to experience things, not sit around pondering the meaning of life