Paul Hunter

I paint imaginary luminous landscapes onto canvasses that I have covered with gold and metal leaf. I have adapted the technique of gold leafing to express my Modernist vision, one that has light as its underlying theme.
In a recent series of paintings I apply transparencies of my own photographs of New York City directly onto the metal leafing, creating an overlapping grid over which I paint iridescent pigments and glazes to evoke the flickering images of the silver screen and the early history of cinema and photography – a history that is closely related to industrial innovation and Modernism.
The meditative Libretto series of paintings are covered by rows of finely drawn lines. Using the handle of my brush hI scrape through the wet paint applied over the metal leaf to reveal the light reflecting from beneath.

Based in New York City, where I have lived and worked since the 1980s, I am represented internationally, and have shown in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, India, China and Japan. My work has been exhibited in many museums and is in public, corporate and private collections.