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My life as an artist is very exciting. I am passionate about spiritual subjects. I love color, texture, movement and pieces filled with life and hope. I find that I paint very different pieces: abstracts, portraits, landscapes, and more. I enjoy working with many different mediums including resins, acrylics, pencil, collage, and photography. While selling worldwide, I teach and own a gallery and retail art haven called, The ART Location in Fayetteville, AR in the United States. I explore the healing nature of art in conjunction with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are open to all mediums and have many teachers working with art therapy and are seeing extraordinary progress with individuals with autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, and more. Art is therapy and is a means of communication for me. An RN, I've worked for the United Nations in Thailand and Cambodia and have worked for Johns Hopkins University on Indian Reservations. I find that many arts transcend mediums and disciplines. I've worked with the arts in refugee camps and Psychiatric Hospitals...even prisons. I hope that my art reflects the hope and the joy that I find in Christ and in people and in the life around me. Recently, I've begun teaching art educators in new and different ways. I've begun an innovative prison murals program in an women's prison whereby the women may receive accreditation in "art development" from a local community college. I teach art principles and mural techniques. Their lives blossom. Art becomes a tool to express their pain and their longings. In July, 2014, I had 2 books that I illustrated published. Work is progressing on the third in the series. Commercial work has become a large part of my professional work. I've painted works for The Ronald McDonald Home for Mercy Hospital in Rogers, AR, Nemours Hospital in Delaware, photographed items for menus for restaurants, and have recently been commissioned for an "urban japanese anime graffiti" mural for a restaurant! On the residential side, I've painted many pieces for homes across the country. I've been flown to photograph islands, nature, etc. I've led art trips to France, Italy, New York, etc. I really savor the times I get to paint live and when I get to sit in my studio and paint in quiet. Let's just say, my work is never dull!

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