Mike DeCesare

Photography is my first language. Home is the Pacific Northwest where the rugged, natural beauty and individuality of this region inspired and shaped my photography.  My work is not meant to chronicle what is, but rather to share my passion for the land while respecting its truth and beauty.  My goal, always, is for the viewer to be drawn into the image and experience the journey with me.

Contemporary photography best describes my work. I favor strong contrasts and colors, from deep black and white images to bright sunlight, dark, green rain forests with streaming light, white water waterfalls and rivers, and delicate but rugged terrain.  Many of the images are shot from positions that provide no margin for error in personal safety, and can take hours to reach.  It is part of my philosophy of bringing the viewer inside the image to feel nature’s elements from sun to spray to location, to interact with the image, not merely look at it, to feel an emotional connection while creating a personal memory and relationship.

My images tend to result in large landscapes that can take from hours to months to produce.  The end result is a fine art, limited edition print that is produced in a few select sizes, and prices, to make it possible for virtually anyone to enjoy in their own personal space.