Mary Joyce

I make art for other artists and for the kind of people I celebrate in my work. Since 2012, the courage and bravery of activists for rights for all, against war and racism have inspired my current collection: “Red: City, Square and Safety Pin.” Social and physical movement of crowds in cities is my topic, for an art to celebrate aspiration.

My medium to large pieces suggest crowds moving through city streets at night, in daylight, in winter, spring, summer and fall.  With red colours, square formats, abstracted figuration, the city is merely suggested, not depicted. The mood is celebratory, intense, ranging from sombre and mysterious to victorious.

This has led me to new methods: printmaker’s methods such as scribing, embossing, scratching and scraping. I use thickened oil paint achieving spare but textured surfaces on the canvas or board.

Earlier work made prior to 2012 includes landscapes, swimmers and abstract hearts. These collections are “The Speeding Subject”, “Swim” and “Love Gone Awry.” These walk the line between  representation and abstraction.

Within these collections, as well as oil paintings, you find watercolours, and artist prints.  My work is affordable, for sale; also I work to commission.

My work has been exhibited throughout my country, Canada, and in France, Ireland, Spain, Latvia. It is held in collections in Canada and Europe. My shows, education, contact information and prizes and awards are found on the CV page of my website.