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I like exploring nature’s tensions - the animal is still but it could go at any second, the sunset is beautiful but soon it will be dark. I capture a moment in nature for a lifetime on canvas. ​​
I work light over dark and thick over thin. Essentially what that means is the start of the work will have diluted washes of burnt umber or French ultramarine. This first layer will mark the piece out, whether it's the structure of an animal's face or the horizon line and features in a landscape.

As the next layers build up, the selection of colour dictates the heat, mood, energy of the painting.
After that it's about creating a piece that the viewer understands, something they want to linger over a little longer.I create oil paintings inspired by nature. I combine naturalism with expressive colour to create something beautiful, quirky and a joy to look at.
​I absolutely love to paint, and I love where I live, so my work is a reflection of the world I see around me.
I use colour in surprising ways, vibrant colours sit alongside neutral tones to create something pleasing for the eye. ​​​I adore seeing an animal, or a view spring into life on my beautiful linen canvases. My expressive animal paintings on natural linen and striking landscapes demonstrate my passion for painting and for the rural countryside that surrounds my Salisbury studio.


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