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My Landscape Paintings

My landscape paintings are simple observations of the landscape. I try to capture atmosphere, distance, seasons, light subtle colours, shapes and patterns. And skies…I love big skies under which wild spaces and solitude can be found in equal measure.

My Figurative and Urban Paintings

Here it is almost as if the work chooses me. As I wander around urban settings I chance upon characters that have deep and personal stories to tell. It is these stories I try to represent in my paintings.

While it seems oxymoronic to think of visual art as a representation of something invisible, a whole range of British art includes marginalized, disenfranchised, and often invisible people, groups and events in our culture.

It is these stories that draw me. It is these stories I seek to make real and give voice in paint.

My current landscape collection include large and small contemporary oil paintings depicting rural scenes, fields, wildflowers, natural streams and lakes, sometimes birds or cattle, wooded areas in summer, winter, spring and autumn. Big skies with clouds reaching into the far distance. Oil paintings in nature's colours of blues, whites, pinks, greens, yellows and browns celebrating the myriad of colours you find in the countryside.

My current figurative and urban collection are large contemporary oil paintings of emotive art telling a story of a person's moment, situation, thoughts, feelings, lifestyle of invisible, marginalized, disenfranchised, and often invisible people, groups and events in our culture. The colours are greys, blacks and skin tones.

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