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As an artist and male, pro feminist advocate I believe we are living at a significant turning point in human history. A monumental change is happening in regard to the status of women in Western and other societies worldwide. After millenniums of nearly universal patriarchal subjugation, many women now have the chance to visualize themselves in totally new ways and reclaim their inherent birthright. I believe the artist can play an important role in furthering this historical transformation. This is because the artist has the unique ability to create a visual image that can inspire viewers to see themselves as free, liberated and spiritual beings equal to everyone else in society.

It is now known from an abundance of modern archeological evidence that men and women in pre-patriarchal, Neolithic societies lived in a social system that highly revered women. My paintings are created with the intent of restoring that kind of respect amongst men and a feeling of self-worth amongst women.Neolithic,

To achieve such a balance my art tries to restore that part of the prehistoric Mother Goddess culture that honored women for their sacred, life-giving, life-affirming powers: powers associated with the moon and wild animals; qualities associated with art and aesthetics, dance and music, singing, chanting and ecstatic states of being.

My Goddess, Creatress, Meditation and Mandala galleries consist of pastel paintings that feature a nude, female figure against a background which may be a mandala or abstract watercolor or entirely black. Usually the figure is either flesh colored or deep blue as in the Blue Lumina series. The Femina Gallery features sketches of the female body in a Minimalist style drawn using charcoal against a white background. They capture a woman's sensuous inner world revealing dreamlike, slightly provocative moods.
Key words: Goddess, feminine, feminist, spiritual, Mother Goddess, sacred, free, liberated, profeminist, art,

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