Kim Rosenfeld

I have loved painting from as far back as I can remember.  It was always my passion of mine from a very early age, probably due to my fascination with colour mixing.

I paint using a variety of media including oils, acrylic, pastel and pencil but my favourite is most definitely watercolour. I enjoy the delicate, translucent quality and its weightlessness.  The unpredictability of this medium makes it very unique. I usually work in watercolour alone but often experiment by combining it with other media to achieve unusual and exciting effects. I often produce semi-abstract, dreamlike landscapes but also paint figurative pieces as one can view in my website.

I have exhibited in Central London at Harrods and The Mall Galleries and more locally at Forty Hall in Enfield, The Radlett Centre, The Wyllyotts Centre in Potters Bar and Luton Hoo Walled Garden in Bedfordshire.  I have also produced designs for several greetings card companies and was also a Regional Finalist on Channel 4′s weekday afternoon programme ‘Watercolour Challenge’.

All enquiries about my work should be made to: