judith menges

Judith Menges produces an innovative & sculptural range of Wall-hanging Glass Art Panels, Triptychs and One-of a-kind ‘Glass Art’ Bowls.

Kiln Formed Glass Art
• Judith uses a technique of making images from glass mediums that are built up in many layers, in a kiln; So the glass becomes raised and sculptural.
• She has produced many different series of unique ‘Glass Wall-Art’, Hand Made Bowls and the collection
grows and evolves yearly, so always remains fresh and distinctive.

‘Current Glass Art Series include:
Gemstones and Birthstones themed, Glass Wall Art and Bowls: These images are inspired by gemstones in their natural state, reinterpreted into Glass Art; each one different from the last.

The Planets and Our Solar System: A collection of Wall-hung Glass Art and Bowls inspired by NASA’s images of the Planets and Nebulae in our solar system; re-interpreted into Glass Art.

Botanical Art (Orchids, Flowers) & Bird Images. A collection of glass art where different parts of the image are raised, so when you touch the surfaceof the glass you can feel the petals, and touch the raised wings of a bird.

Please see website for more images: www.transparentimages.com