Jose Luis Quinones

I am an American artist. I was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico in 1949. I attended Cooper School of Art and The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. I have been exhibiting my art for over forty years in many locations throughout the United States and also abroad.

My paintings were originally inspired by a series of objects from my father’s small grocery store.  I create oil paintings on canvas that are shaped to the object. I eliminate the background to produce a style of my own. My paintings incorporate Photorealism fused together with the Pop Art style generating a dynamic two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional illusion.

Like Rosenquist, I had painted mural size billboards for an outdoor media company for many years. Constantly painting on such a large scale has influenced the size of my artwork which I found was an important factor on the impact to the viewer. Through the years I have tried a variety of ideas to see if I could capture the object and give the audience a unique experience. I found that everyday items were in need of a closer look and I have been painting my shaped Photorealistic oil paintings professionally ever since.