Jonathan Shaw

The world of Jonathan Shaw is a place of sweeping skies vivid colours and smouldering horizons inspired by the artists extensive travels.
Jonathan was born in Leeds and after several years spent working in a variety of jobs and running his own gallery he decided to devote himself to full time painting.
Jonathan was a finalist in the Up and Coming artist 2003, 2004 and Best Selling Artist 2004, 2005 which was organised by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
His stunning landscapes of soft sweeping skies and seas are his signature pieces and are instantly recognizable. Jonathan has been one of the most successful landscape painters of the decade and continues to build on that reputation.
One simple but effective way to introduce the perfect colours into our homes is through a painting and the work of Jonathan Shaw provides an inspirational starting point. His breathtaking images use the convergence of sea and sky as an opportunity to explore the expressive possibilities of the spectrum; so whether we crave the cool serenity of azure blues, the stimulation of strong passionate reds or the contemplative qualities of lilac, Jonathan presents us with the ultimate choice of palette.