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My preference is to paint outside, being part of the landscape and being influenced by the colours, tones and textures. The paint is applied in bold, gestural strokes, either with a brush or painting knife, often on top of colour which has been thrown at the canvas and brings a unity to the painting.
This expressionistic approach suits the slightly abstract development of the painting. It allows for the paint to give direction to the end result. This style gives rise to the fact that I like to be called a painter - not an artist.
Modern acrylic paint is so suited to my love of vibrant colour which is applied thickly from the tube so the huge range of colours is a bonus.
In the studio I enjoy experimentation. For this I will use oil colour, Griffen, which contains an exciting colour range that I can thin down or use thickly just as it comes. This is when I paint studies of flowers which are abstracted by use of the palette knife.
When using acrylic and Griffen oil my application is bold, slightly aggressive and fast. On the other hand, whenI use watercolour, my softer side seems to dominate. Colour is strong but application is gentler but with varied techniques.

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