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Jan Drury is an abstract painter who works in many different mediums including acrylics and oils; mixing different types of liquids and watching how they react, or whether they repel each other. She then uses these results when producing her work; highly visual and touchable pieces that often look as if they are still wet.

Jan places different layers on top of each other to produce in-depth pieces that draw you in, and she encourages people to feel and touch her paintings to get a real sense of the work she has produced. Jan is an active member of the Artists Network Bedfordshire, beingmemebership secretary and treasurer.

She is also a member and treasurer of United Society of Artists, exhibiting at The Menier Gallery by London Bridge. One of her latest pieces was awarded Highly Commended Runner-up by the patron of the society Cherie Lunghi, the well known actress.

Jan has a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Fine Art and a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art. The University of Bedfordshire has purchased six pieces of work from Jans final show. They will be on display at the University. 'Earthly Surge'; reached the final 30 in the recent Saatchi On-line Abstract Showdown which just goes show you’re never too old to full-fill your dreams!!

Jan only produces ‘one off’ original pieces of art and her work cannot be repeated. She can produce something similar but not exact due to many processes involved and each reaction is always different. That’s the beauty of this technique; the end result only becomes apparent when the piece is finished.
Viewing this work in person, getting so close you can see every layer, texture and colour is how Jan intends her work to be enjoyed. Please look closely at the work - everyone sees something different in it!

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