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Ina Disguise - carpet artist and author

Ina Disguise takes a muse, emotes a design and creates fresh ideas using yarn.  The yarn can incorporate wool, silk and leather.  She enjoys making unusual and fresh pathways in sculptural embroidery, needlework and carpet making.

Working from her home in Scotland, Ina Disguise has spent the last twenty years hoarding her materials, which are often rescued from retiring knitters and businesses.  You are as likely to find hand dyed yarn as Axminster thrums incorporated into her work.

Recently, she has been engaged in creating a furniture collection, which will be released shortly from the website.  This has involved mosaic, tiling and some fabric and resin work, producing some unusual results.

She has appeared in GQ. World of Interiors and Tatler in the UK.

Her work is mostly inspired by her fondness for old boys. She likes to tell you that her basic motivation is repression.  Rather than attempt relationships, she prefers to create emotionally synesthesic products based upon whomever takes her fancy at the time.

She uses carpet on cushions, handbags and furniture as well as the more traditional carpet for the floor.  She is soon to release her furniture collection in honour of Boris Johnson, and a shoe collection will be available later in the year.  Ina looks on her current workflow as a portfolio for the future.

Should you wish to commission Ina, you are as likely to be asked about your favourite food and books as be asked about your fondness for chrome lamps as she prefers to produce emotionally led pieces that last a lifetime.

When she is not working on interior or fashion pieces, Ina writes and creates books and computer games, two of which are in production for a release next year.

You can find her website, complete with popular blog at

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