Iain White

The photo-artist: The Iain White story
Scotland on Canvas is an online gallery which showcases and sells the limited edition landscape photography of Scottish Borders photographer Iain White.
As a travel writer and photographer for the last twenty years, Iain has visited over 50 countries around the globe, with his work featuring in many newspapers and magazines both at home and abroad.
He feels incredibly privileged to have seen so much of the planet, but when asked what his favourite country is, he still chooses his homeland, Scotland: “I have seen so many fabulous places, yet Scotland still captivates me the most. It contains some of the most evocative scenery anywhere in the world” says Iain. “There are many elements involved, but most dramatically, I think it’s the unique interplay of light and land….it rarely fails to create extraordinary visual delights.”
Scotland on Canvas offers colourful, limited-edition, hand-printed art canvas prints and box canvas images showing scenic Scottish landscapes, mountains, islands, castles and coastlines.