Humphrey Bowden

I design and make unusual copper sculptural fountains. These are mainly based on slender plant and tree shapes. Water flow is carefully controlled to form part of the sculpture and to provide subtle visual impact and sound. All designs are original and specific designs can be commissioned to suit a particular site, or to interpret a client’s idea. Each fountain is made individually for the client. I hand make each fountain in pure copper, beaten to shape and brazed together with a silver/copper braze. They are permanently resistant to the elements. The warm oxide colours formed by heating gradually weather to take on the characteristic grey/green patina of copper. I have had many hundreds of commissions in the UK, as well as many abroad in Europe,  the USA and elsewhere. I have exhibited them annually at the Hampton Court Flower show for 14 years. There are always a number of working fountains in our garden, which can be viewed by appointment