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My name is Graham Fitzpatrick, I live in south west France and I love to draw and paint the people I see and meet here.

Although I retired here 7 years ago I am only just getting used to the freedom I now have to paint and draw whatever I want, whenever I want!

People are my first love but I'm also totally inspired by my sunshine environment - so, paintings of swimming pools have been a must-do. After all, who wouldn't be inspired by blue skies, blue pools, and long hot summer days?

I use acrylic and oils for my paintings, and either coloured pencil, oil crayons, charcoal or ink for my drawings.

For example, the picture of the 2 boys was created using oil crayons, the portrait of the young girl was created using coloured pencil, and acrylic paints created the swimming pool paintings.

I usually work from photographs as they offer me maximum time to get to know the subject.

It is very important to me that each painting and drawing captures a voyeuristic moment in time. A moment that creates its own story. Stories that are limited only by one's imagination.

I usually work to larger formats - nothing smaller than A3 paper or canvas - and always aim to keep my work affordable, with prices starting from under £100.

You will find some originals for sale on my website, as well as the opportunity to purchase prints of previously sold paintings and drawings, and examples of portrait commissions.

If you like my work please let me know (the artistic ego needs constant massaging!) I'd love to hear from you.

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