Gina Marshall

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I am an artist from Swanage in Dorset who uses vibrant inks to create unusual and distinctive semi-abstract landscapes.  I am an exhibiting artist at Sansom Gallery in Swanage, Cove Gallery in Weymouth, Island Gallery on Portland and Seasons Green at Corfe Castle.


Three years ago I started painting in earnest, having had no formal background training. I started by taking some individual lessons at L'Artishe, a studio workshop in Swanage. During these lessons I dabbled with ink. I loved the vivid colours and have used it since on watercolour paper. I either paint the ink on in solid blocks of colour or draw it on with artists' pens.

Wood cuts, doodle art and pointillism have inspired me but I also use a lot of imagination! The Dorset coastline is a great source of inspiration and on seeing a sunset I chose to use red and black in my first pictures. I then moved on to other colours and took the Jurassic coast and fossils as a theme. After that I wanted to try something new and focused on doodling. I achieved a pointillism effect from small individually drawn motifs which have some relevance to the theme of the picture. My range of colour has widened since then although I still stick to a limited palette for each piece. I am always experimenting so who knows what will happen next!

Artist's Statement

Although I'm not formally trained, this gives me a freedom and creativity which is not constrained by convention.



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