Garry White

My favourite colours are aqua/turquoise, emerald green and amber, so these are the main colours I use in the translucent parts of my sculptures. I like to create heavy solid sculptural forms using textured sparkly cast marble and to marry it with vibrant transparent coloured glassy crystal resins utilising the natural medium of light or artificial lighting. I have been mainly a relief sculptor creating wall mounted plaques but I am now in a transition stage and developing exciting new freestanding sculptures. I make these sculptures to look like they are carved in a type of unavailable exotic crystal rock which are tactile and as pleasing to touch and feel as they are to look at. When I create new works I try to create the feeling of artefacts from advanced ancient prehistoric civilisations lost in the mists of time. My favourite colours and animals are of the sea so the mythological Atlantis often comes to mind.