Doreen Meek

I am a painter creating original, vibrant paintings that are ‘loose’ and colourful, using a range of materials including oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, ink and collage.

I enjoy the effects gained by layering paint with a palette knife to give heavy texture but I also use brushes, bamboo pens and any tool I find that can make interesting marks. My gallery features work inspired by the sea, blue in colour and depicting boats. My work is very affordable, starting at just £40.

Experimenting with texture, line, light and colour I produce work ranging in style from impressionist to expressionist and abstract forms. My paintings are a response to the exploration of personal mood, feelings and memory. Experience of natural beauty and the man made world also influence and inspire my work. I allow my work to evolve intuitively to create a sense of freedom in my paintings therefore allowing the viewer to interpret my work in a way that is meaningful to them.