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A 55 second video introducing Donald Brown.

I am a contemporary figurative sculptor addressing real life issues through my works to create positive personal and social change. My current Open Edition sculpture titled ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace promotes personal peace and positive principles for life such as respect, discipline, patience, humility and forgiveness to inspire present and future generations.

See and hear some of the meaning of this sculpture via this link.

This sculpture is the global flagship and funding source for Project AIRWAVES.

1. Project AIRWAVES is an initiative within my company that addresses bullying and violence.
2. Artists will be employed to conduct one-day creative arts residencies in schools.
3. The artists will work with staff and students to create works of art that address violence in order to elevate society.
4. A.I.R.W.A.V.E.S is the acronym for Artists In Residence Working Against Violence Elevates Society.

The greater agenda is to use art to create, fund and support positive change. To further achieve this, contracts will be made available for the buyers of 25 of these sculptures. The contracts will ensure that each buyer would receive a full refund of the price they paid for their sculpture/s. Each sculpture is $3,750 (£2,800), measures 40 x 24 x 6 inches and cold cast in bronze and resin.

The full colour lithographic prints of the sculpture will be marketed and sold worldwide in part to ensure a full refund to the buyers of the 25 sculptures. The contract would also position the sculpture buyer to receive a return on their investment.

This refund and ROI (500%) strategy is designed to generate additional capital to fund Project AIRWAVES sooner rather than later and reward those buyers of the 25 sculptures who helped to make it possible.

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