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I first started using pigments and lacquers mixed together then set on fire this creates a matt effect then I apply resin which is high gloss and brings the painting to life leaving a texture you just want to touch. I am currently working with a new resin that I use a blow lamp on ,this moves the coloured resin about to create a great effect most of my work just now is large contemporary abstract pieces on stainless steel. The lava range and flowers (Fleurs) have been very popular this year.

I started doing flaming art fifteen years ago before that I was a painter and decorator doing special paint effects my trade helps me to do certain effects and use different paints that a lot of artists don’t know about ,some paints don’t want to be together so they fight with each other going in different directions creating amazing effects then certain resins also have different effects on the paint then theirs me with a blow lamp moving the materials all over the surface,it’s all very dramatic and exciting.

My art has been featured in papers,magazines and on the news on television when I was asked to do a painting of Billy Connolly by a shopping mall in Glasgow.

It was on the tv again when I added a ladies mums ashes into a painting this became very popular I’ve even put dogs and cats ashes into a painting.

They would pick a style of a painting then I would add the ashes to this ,the heart painting seemed to be the most popular.

My latest feature was a large photo of me setting a painting on fire in the Times.

I get my inspiration in Biggins Wood in Dunblane I love the texture of bark and the different colours from lichen and moss on the trees I can see them in their primary and secondary colours and this makes the trees I paint very bright and colourful,I always take my moleskin notebook and pencil with me and my dog Taz he is a 12 year old Vizsla who is as fit as a 2 year old.

I am 65 years old and live with my wife Anne my son Lee his wife Dawn and two children Ali (18) and Max (16) live next door.

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