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Remember that magic you felt as a kid? That feeling that anything was possible and you could do whatever you dreamed? For me, paintings bring that feeling alive.

The first thing I remember is the day I died when I was two years old, from an electrocution. But, I'm still here now because my dad saved me. Since that day I've had a feeling about life, an intimate sensation of the energy that flows through everyone and everything and connects it all together. From those early days I've kept a touchpoint with the realization of the temporality of our time here; a consciousness of the uncertainties of life, starting with time, and never knowing how long it will be. And a wonder about why I'm here, what I'm supposed to do. But for a long time I didn’t believe that dreams were possible. I bought into the common societal belief that dreams are invalid, or at least not the best foundation for success.

That led to a successful career as an eye doctor and a vision scientist. It was rewarding, but at the same time that little voice kept speaking to me: "it's time to create, it's time to paint." Now I paint every day to remind myself that dreams are valid and that passions can be followed, and that we can make our own rules.

About my paintings

I am currently creating original contemporary oil paintings in a range of small to large sizes. The paintings are created with a palette knife and range from abstract to impressionist, and expressionist works, some created with all or primarily vertical marks. All the paintings tap into the energy that marks the validity of dreams and passions that connects with the deepest parts of ourselves. I paint a variety of subject matter and am exhibiting paintings in several collections including On the Water, At the Beach, City Energy, Backlit, Horses and Riders, Skies, and compositions defined by color schemes including red, green, blue, oranges and yellows, and neutrals.

I hope you enjoy my vision, and I hope you chase your own dreams!

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