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Deborah Last: Contemporary painter

I am a contemporary artist, whose work explores landscape painting, mixed media techniques and oil painting. My work has particular focus on light and colour, largely born from seven years living in India. I love to introduce colour in an unexpected and bold way. This is evident in all the areas of my artistic practice.

Past and Present Works

  • In 2013 I produced an installation piece "Upper Room", which combined sound, body printing and anatomical drawing. It is a work exploring the concepts of body image, self-worth and faith. "Upper Room" toured around the UK, and featured in the Milton Keynes Fringe Festival, where I was one of the headlining invited artists.
  • The following year I began to experiment with the landscape, working from my studio based in the beautiful Stowe Landscape Gardens. This lead to my decision in 2015 to become a Daily Painter for a year, painting the landscape in oils every day. It was my aim to combine with traditional landscape painting form, with contemporary style and colour. As the year progressed I began to further experiment with even bolder colours and texture. Observing the changing of the seasons and capturing a single moment within each day, was incredibly informative and rewarding.
  • Recent work has been focusing on larger landscapes. Though about specific locations they are not direct interpretations. Rather they endeavour to capture the essence, quality of light and colour of the place,  These works are expressively painted using oil paint, gesso, graphite and oil bar. They also include a strong element of drawing and sometimes body prints.
  • In addition I have been working from memory to create light filled work within a narrative context, informed by the Daily Painting practise.

My work ranges from the very affordable Daily Paintings, works on paper to the larger more dramatic statement pieces. I am happy to take commissions.

For more information on my work, please visit my website;  or visit me on Facebook and Instagram.

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