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I am a painter of large scale contemporary canvases exhibiting a range of very  expressive  acrylic semi abstract floral paintings in bright, rich, very bold colours including red, blue and yellow, purple and green. I have work for sale and can paint site specific commissions with-in my subject matter and style. I paint single panel pieces and also multiple panel pieces. My work is great for corporate building sites and homes.

I paint with lyrical, very expressive color passages of natural images viewed so close only part of the external contours of the  images are seen. I don't use the internal natural details normally seen with such a view. Currently I am painting flower images from the iris flower. These images are meant to be more than visual illusions or mimics of iris flowers - they are intended to be metaphors or doorways into visual, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual journeys - into flowerscapes of peace, order, beauty, and unity. They are metaphors of the human condition, of the magnificent yet fragile nature of our humanity and our constant dependence on our Creator for inspiration, protection, nurturing, and restoration. I realize humans are capable of extremely ugly horrible cruel things also, which is worth addressing in paint as well. Presently my work is a joyful celebration of living, having purpose on this earth, bearing fruit and addressing issues that arise on the earth from mankind leaving an intimate relationship with our Creator and mismanaging our stewardship of the earth.When I  achieve a precarious or dynamic balance between order and chaos, I believe I produce a visual peace and help the viewer receive inner peace. In a world so full of inner and outer turmoil, this quality of life is very valuable.  When obtained can result in great expression of joyful celebration.

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