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Cristian Blei

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I am a professional Romanian artist, born in 1974 in Bucharest and graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1998.
Member of Romanian Union of Professional Artists UAP since 2001. Member Circle Foundation for the Arts (CFA) Affiliate Artist. Live and work in Bucharest.
I started drawing and painting at a very young age, fascinated by the power of colors and shapes like a magical thing.
Coming from a family of visual artists, the plastic language became very familiar to me from an early age, later unambiguously determining my path to the artistic field.

My work is inspired always by an idea, a state, a dream, becoming then a story that is revealed in a subtle and unpredictable form.
This process makes me to journey of an unknown itinerary caught in a game of duality between logic and emotion between the known and the unknown.
As a technique, i use mainly the oils and paint in successive layers using any pleasant accident of the colors on the canvas integrating it as part of the game of shapes.
My style was strongly influenced by classical and also modern painting, as well as by the surrealist current that explores the idea of dreams and initiates the imagination as a total means of expression and by the japanese aesthetic concepts of wabi-sabi.
My paintings are in oil on canvas and can be abstract or figurative, belonging to the two modes of visual expression that are acquainted and appealing for me.
Works of art in private collections in the Romania, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Germany, UK, Israel, Denmark, Spain.

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