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Craig Scoffone is a San Jose, California based photographer, who works in the realm of fine art that ranges from painterly to abstract landscapes to the female nude. An internationally exhibited and published contemporary artist, Craig's diversity and command of his craft is quite unique, even in this current age of internet clutter.

The majority of Craig's work with the figure, tends to be very sculptural in the compositional approach to this theme, and his more recent, digital works with the landscape, tends to follow suit. The majority of Craig's body of works with the landscape, especially the early years while working with film, tended to have a much more painterly effect, but when this artist shifted to digital, the leaning of style in presenting the landscape, tended to be much more sculptural, and stark, much as the majority of his works with the figure - which even with film, earlier on, had also, a much more sculptural, stark, visual component.

Craig is also a much in demand portrait and commercial photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, but this artist, is in the process of phasing out of the work on demand element of professional photography, and he is moving more into the area of creating works of fine art, on a much more regular basis.

If you are looking for stunning, very collectable works of contemporary photography, then this artists' diverse works would be a brilliant place to start, or add to, your collection.

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