Colin Biddle

Latterly my work includes oil and acrylic sometimes mixed and tends now towards a more abstract style using abstract architectural ideas often from photographs.

I graduated in 2008 from Hereford College of Arts with honours in art, design and photography.

I like to experiment with techniques which has in the past led me to use a combination of modalities in the same image.

Some of my work is influenced by the early photographers of the Victorian period, often giving a monochrome picture.

Recently I have returned to watercolours of still life but in abstract. Geometrics including engineering and bridge

design I use  in lino prints which give a clear and clean edge to the parts of the structure. For the same reason these

images tend to be limited in the number and use of colours. I have used traditional film to make anamorph images

taken from landscape/nature which have been printed digitally and framed. Much of my work is already framed as a lot

of it has been in exhibition space in the UK and in Montmorillon, France. While at college I became interested in the work of the Italian and American Futurist styles especially Gino Severini and Robert Delaunay and  Joseph Stella Lyonel Feininger and Charles Demuth.