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I am a painter very passionate about art and it takes me on many journeys. When I want to paint something in my style of realism I like to be in its environment. So if it is an animal, I will go to their domain to sit and wait for them to accept me. This can take weeks some times but is well worth the wait, just to get the best painting of the animal possible. I go through the same process for human portraiture, creating three or four sketches in graphite before I commence the paintings in oils or acrylic I will do commissions from photos all my art is for sale and very affordable.

This landscape painting called artists pool was painted in oils and was a long walk but very peaceful and many shades of green and the view was spectacular, This painting of Eagle and chick was painted in acrylic I found the eagle on a walk in the Grosse Vally in the Blue Mountains the view there was beautiful, This drawing of a beautiful Bluebird was done in pastel he lives in an old gum tree that has blue to grey colours in it with some red about 100 yards from my house.

This painting of a quoll in oils that happened along as I just set up to photograph a waterfall . He was hunting around rocks on the edge of a ravine where some large gums were growing from the bottom of the ravine he is a orange brown in colour. This drawing in pastel of a cheeky Lorikeet in my front yard getting drunk on the pollen from these pretty purple flowers, he is a beautiful red and green in colour, This painting in acrylic of a Koala some times called Koala bear but incorrectly, he is a blue to grey in colour with some white patch.

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