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Chinese artist Boxun Zhao was born in Beijing in 1958. He is currently a member of Beijing Artist Association. Boxun Zhao started his art training when he was very young, he began his art study at age 16, when he became an apprentice under a Chinese painting master, Wenzhen Gong, and he has been studying with him since. Boxun Zhao became a professional artist at year of 2000, shortly after he finished his exhibition at Chinese National Art Gallery. From 2002 to 2003, he advanced his painting skills by attending the graduate class at Beijing Painting Academy under the instructor of Mingming Wang, who is a very famous Chinese painting grand master and the head principal of the academy itself. Under the help of his instructor, Boxun formed his own art style and developed his own unique painting technique. Boxun Zhao specializes in traditional Chinese Gong Bi painting skill, and he is very good at producing vivid images of birds, flowers and Koi fish. For him, nature itself is a symbol of art expression, he pays very much attention on the detail of his painting subjects, trying to replicate their bearings in his art work. During the time between 2006 and 2011, his art work were given by the chairman of Chinese people’s political consultative conference Qinglin Jia to United Kingdom’s Baron Charles Leslie Falconer, Lithuania Republic’s prime minister Gediminas KirKilas, Prime minister of Netherland Mark Rutte and many others on different diplomatic occasions.

Here is the exhibition of his current works, all 12 paintings are Chinese traditional Gong Bi style. a few Koi fishes and several birds, parrots and Chinese roses. The art style is similar to Western Realism, and some paintings are in heavy usage of blue, green,red and black color. Boxun Zhao is currently living in Beijing, and I am his agent in Canada.

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