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Bob Heatly
Artist and award winning design educator

I taught basic design, color theory, architectural design, graduate design and competition studios at Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University, and University of Illinois for 40 years... I was mentor for over 150 international and national design competition winners during those 40 years.

In December of 1999, I retired from design education and moved to Provence in southern France to concentrate all of my time on my Art. The paintings shown on this site are the result of that concentration. All of the originals were purchased by collectors. I scanned them in on my large flat plate scanner before delivering them to their new homes Therefore, I have the scans to offer them as prints on gallery wrapped canvas. The company making the prints on gallery wrapped canvas is doing an excellent job and there is no visible difference between the originals and the new prints. Since they left shortly after being shown, I had little time to enjoy them. Therefore, I have purchased several for my current walls. Now, I have my own little micro environment.. It reminds me of happier times and places.

In late 2009, I was visiting my daughter in Lincoln, Nebraska, had a stroke which wiped out my left side and put me in a wheelchair probably for the rest of my life. A return to France was out. I now live and work out of an apartment in an assisted living facility in Lincoln. I am still painting and hope to add original work to the site soon. My daughter just accepted a job offer in Miami, OK. I will be moving south soon. It isn't the south of France but, it should be warmer than Nebraska.

My paintings have varied between trying to be all heart to all mind with a little bit of heart always there. At the heart end, it is all about emotion, gesture, and attitude with the mind trying to throw in some tools to make it work. My current work of layered abstractions of reality with a clock (Townscapes) is as close as I get to all mind and meaning. I am trying to do paintings that become the focal point of their environment and change with distance and lighting to constantly intrigue and interest the viewer.

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