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Art made out of the dirt on trucks!

Artist Ben Long uses his finger to scribe into the layer of dirt built-up from exhaust emissions, Long creates elaborate drawings on the rear shutters of white haulage trucks. In his on-going series, collectively entitled The Great Travelling Art Exhibition, he expands upon the daubing and crude slogans that commonly adorn commercial freight vehicles. www.benlong.co.uk

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Unusual mediums creating incredible art

  This intriguing and quirky masterpiece entitled ‘The Toaster’ by Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre was constructed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the course of two days from 2,500 slices of bread, which were painstakingly toasted to different degrees of ‘burnt’ and pieced together to form a stunning artwork. Just like a scene from a […]

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Chicken sculpture made out of eggshells

Kyle Bean, of Brighton, East Sussex, carefully glued the shards together after collecting eggs of varying colours from his local bakery. He said: “The chicken or the egg is an interesting paradox that I wanted to respond to. I was motivated by the idea. I knew it would be a challenge and very fiddly but […]

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