Info and Advice (regular emails and access to experts)

Info and Advice (regular emails and access to experts)

We’re a very friendly team of people who value all our artists and customers and are always on hand to offer advice on anything from pricing to writing a review on your work. If we can help you, we will.

We have a number of partners who can help and we also send out regular emails with hints, tips and opportunities for promoting your artwork.

Bert Liverance is an Artists Info artist who says:

“Thank you for your continued updates and advice. As an artist sometimes I feel like the man in the painting “The Gulf Stream” …. Scammer sharks swimming around when all I want to do is reach land, connect with a patron. Your updates are great, now I feel like a man on a cruise ship”

Jacqui Martin says:

“Thank you so very much for taking the time and trouble to clarify some of the mysteries of exhibiting! It’s certainly a minefield out there, all I can say is I really appreciate your efforts in this matter.”

If you want a taster of the advice we can offer, sign up for our email series on selling your artwork today and we will review your artwork for approval to join as well.

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