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Interior designers are always after unique art to complement their own designs and meet their clients’ requirements.

They are often after a new trend or something original and distinctive that will set a room alight.  Working with interior designers who love your work and complement your style is a great way to expand your client base.

We can help you meet a wide range of interior designers looking for unique artwork and sculptures.

Artists Info artist Mary Davis says :

“Through my involvement with Artists Info I have sold some work and been approached by an interior designer who bought from me and is interested in seeing more of my work with a view to me being a supplier to her clients.”

Interior Designer Deborah Temple finds Artists Info a great source of unique art.

“As an Interior Designer it can be time consuming sourcing that unique piece of art for a client project. Artists Info’s comprehensive portfolio has made sourcing much easier, and as I am dealing direct with the artists I save my clients money. A great source for designers offering a impressive selection of quality original artwork.”

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