Zan Stevenson

As soon as I retired as an architect, and the children had finally left home I took up my first love – painting. I studied uner Paul Millichip, Geoffrey Vivis, (then head of Amersham Art school), following which I completed the Four year painting course at the OCA, having been told this was more rigorous than the diploma course at the art school!
Although I am primarily an oil painter, because he they produce clear colours that do not fade, I sometimes use watercolours or acrylics if they are more suited to the subject matter.

My greatest pre-occupation is that if the use of colour, which I see in everything – hundreds of varying shades of which we may be unaware – I t is the varying shades and subtleties that exist in both bright and muted colours, which are apparent in differing lights, that I use in my own particular style to describe the atmosphere of a particular place.  my pictures are based on both my travels abroad and more local scenes closer to home. . The latest series is based on The South Downs. The works all have a contemporary feel, some are framed whilst others have, either painted edges, or more recently painted frames, which continue the landscape beyond the perimeter of the flat picture.

Another collection of paintings are religious ones. The 14 Stations of the Resurrection are available as signed gyclee prints ready for framing. The originals can be seen in St Thomas More’s Church, Seaford, East Sussex.  All other religious paintings are in the form of murals and can therefore only be viewed in situ.