yuni ko

My passion for art started in my early teens, and was further enhanced when my family moved from Korea to Canada. My parents are adventurous travelers and they gave me opportunities to see the world and experience different cultures, societies, and art. I studied art in France and Canada and my work evolved into my own vision. Growing up in West Vancouver, surrounded by trees, mountains and ocean, I was profoundly influenced by the environment and its abundant beauty. I explored and painted the Canadian landscape and other subjects in a realistic style.

My current artwork is focused inward, on my feelings rather than on my studies of nature and other subjects. When I paint, I feel more in touch with my emotions, which led to my painting series called The Flow. The Flow represents the transitional movement of feelings and experiences throughout my life: joy, love, sorrow, courage, fear, pain, accidents, diseases, death, friendships, family, faith and hope. Life is always in a state of flux. I have learned to take each day as it flows. We cannot stop or control this movement; we recognize and adapt as we live it. All of us face challenges with weakness of our mind, body and spirit. If we are fortunate, new opportunities arise to liberate us. We begin again. This is the gift of life – to recognize that it flows.

Contrasting shades and textures characterize The Flow paintings. Dark shades symbolize the struggles of life and the light shades contain a sense of hope – the potential path to a more positive future. Metallic colors represent my identity. My father spent over 30 years in the metal business. His research lab inspired me to use metallic colors, and they symbolize a positive energy that flows through me. I find it intriguing that an artist’s emotions can be personalized through the heart of each viewer. This is my intention with The Flow.