Ursula E Rettich

“In my art-making I attempt to express more than just what I see. I allow the subject to guide me and in return let the colors speak.”

Original paintings direct from your artist, hand-painted, with signature and authenticity papers, Buy direct, no middle man, buy on-line Free shipping within Canada.

All paintings are high quality, and direct from my studio to you. My aim is – make your room more beautiful. I take limited commissions within my style. The advantage of buying on-line: my store is always open when you have the time just email me for more information and I am always willing to answer any question you have. Modern paintings – abstract paintings – original paintings here you find only one of a kind artwork, from the artist direct ON-LINE is the way to go, Design your home and office with a personal touch you will be admired for that.

I am a painter, I paint with emotion, I paint for many years -for about 30 years and my art is interesting.
My ideas are bold – my paintings are bold, colours are bold.
I make bold small art for bold small houses – for the modern “Lane Way” houses and limited space apartments.
I do bold large too!
I always go forward always learning; try to be new but stay grounded for quality
my style? nonfigurative – not following a trend – fresh
modern – definitely recognisable mine – trade mark – a string – an old brush – sponge and paper towels and all kinds of scrapers
I do not like accidental doodles or let the paint run uncontrolled and then let see what comes out
I do want control of my paintings – they have a story or at least a meaning why they did get painted in the first place.