ursula cowling

My work is built on layers of colour, adding and taking off layers as I work to complete a piece, inspired by nature I give the impression of natural & urban landscapes & tend to use strong yet subdued natural colour that reflect nature creating atmospheric pieces. I am very interested in the process of making art, I don’t try to hide pallet knife marks or scrapings and believe showing and exposing the process adds to the finished piece of work, I work using oil and sometimes oil and cold wax. I am drawn to the perfections and imperfections in nature, the things we might walk past everyday and not look at , the texture in crumbling bricks, bark the colour and texture of rust, all that fascinates me and i see the beauty in it, therefore i want to replicate that in my art and will often use that texture or colour even in a landscape piece, i want the viewer to get close and see it.