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My paintings and charcoal drawings mostly take inspiration from living in Cornwall. For the last 6 years I've been located at the heart of the duchy in the Vale of Lanherne following more than 30 years in the far west. My current output ranges from bold charcoal studies through to large format acrylic on canvas pieces. My response to trees, farmland, coastal forms and other landscape features is a recurring theme.
I'm also fascinated by the folk and festival culture of Cornwall and explore it through paintings that unexpectedly combine carnival imagery and village life through rich colour sequences.

My formative years were spent in equatorial Africa. These were followed by school in Yorkshire and a Fine Art Degree at Newcastle-upon Tyne University. Awarded a Bunzl travel scholarship, I then spent two further years travelling and studying art in Europe while based in Florence. Settling back in the United Kingdom then led to a twenty-four year career in art teaching. I left teaching in 1999 to devote my time to painting and have exhibited widely since that time. I now operate from my studio in the heart of Cornwall

My approach to painting is based a sensuous enjoyment of colour, perhaps originating from those early childhood memories of Africa, fused with a sense of design that was confirmed by later student experiences of Italy. My current themes are taken from the landscape and culture of Cornwall. Here everything tends to be bathed in an over-arching maritime light that I'm sure helps me to bring together colour and design in what I aim to be a unified and celebratory way.

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