Teresa Young

I exhibit acrylic canvas paintings, painted glass and painted wooden sculptures at an art cooperative in Halifax, NS Canada. My style tends towards the abstract and surreal, and has a native flair and unique style. Since I am part North American Indian, this makes perfect sense.

I love vivid colour combinations that tend to bring complementary colours together. This gives my paintings a feeling of depth and visual punch.

I started painting faces at a very young age and went on to do portraits in malls and other businesses in my teenage years. To this day, I’m still available for portrait commissions upon request. Last year I created a beautiful painting a man with his wife as a mermaid and Russian solder embracing under a large full moon on the seashore.

A large portion of my work still includes figurative aspects in the surreal compositions which display a unique style I’ve never seen anywhere else.

I enjoy drawing in pen and ink, and often draw in pastel, pencils or felts as well. My drawing style is different from my painting style as it’s often more detailed due to the smallness of the pen tip itself. (More control!) I’ve found that this transitions nicely into digital work with a stylus and tablet. In digital compositions, I’ve tried many different approaches. Creating them from scratch, using my own painting images as stock, or using a black and white drawn image as a starting point and painting digitally from there.

I also paint on glass (this tends to look like stained glass, but with finer details) and wooden sculptures such as fish, cats, and other interesting shapes in an abstract style.

I tend to get contacted online about print or e magazines that would like something new an unusual for their illustrations. I’ve also created album and book covers.

Recently, I was chosen as a Featured Artist for Corel PaintShop Pro advertising. I’ve been teaching myself to paint digitally using their application and find that I love the flexibility digital art can give an artist with good drawing and composition skills.