susan fink

Exploring the possibilities, while using the circle, oval, rectangle, triangle and square to create colorfully dynamic non-objective compositions best describes the theme for this current series. The idea to use these basic shapes started many years ago when I attended a lecture in which the spokesperson presented the notion that since these shapes have existed throughout millennia, beginning from the earliest civilizations to present, there is a rich undercurrent of meaning that goes beyond the physical and crosses all cultural divide.

Consequently, at first the compositions were more esoteric, as in the mandala series. For example, the emphasis on the circle and oval to mean wholeness and continuity; crossing triangles to mean union and interconnection and the square to mean strength and foundation all come to mind.

But now there is the play with ambiguity of line, shape and form, while pushing the balance of light and dark value, hard and soft edge, form and line, solidity and transparency, organic and inorganic with positive and negative space to question. There is serious contemplation given to the placement of the elements– even the thickness of a line and how it weighs on the composition as a whole. At the same time, I leave room for spontaneity, playfulness and the possibility of a successful accident.

It has become a journey into a landscape of visual exploration that encourages the viewer to leave the clutter and structural complexity of a manmade environment, where these shapes are clearly found, in favor of a drift into an unfamiliar space that lets the mind wander.