Sue Knight

Born in the UK I have lived in the South of France now for 2 years and am dedicating myself to painting each and every day.  My art is predominantly acrylics on canvas, applied with palette knives, though I occasionally choose to use water colours . Colour, light and texture are all important to me. I love the freedom of creativity that painting provides me. Whilst I am technically capable of producing work that is of a photographic nature I find more joy in creating a fluid and vibrant work that offers originality and energy and is of a more contemporary nature. My inspiration comes from much of who and what is around me and I am currently exhibiting a range of paintings that include portraiture, still life, land and seascapes and some wildlife. Much of my recent work has been on a private commission basis and I continue to welcome such discussion. I hope you enjoy viewing my work and welcome any comments, suggestions and questions you may have.