sheila marlborough

Hi, I am a painter using acrylics and mixed media on 3D canvases, and my abstract and semi- abstract acrylic paintings sometimes begin with small items of collage papers, scrim and tissue paper. These are adhered to a gessoed canvas to form different textures. Also,  my aim is to simplify shapes and enhance colour, mainly blue, magenta and yellow ochre, or red, orange, black and yellow, either based on aspects of landscape or still life. My largest painting is one metre square with smallest of 25x25cms.
I have always loved using colour in an experimental way and my work seems to alternate between realism and abstraction, so as a result, I find there is often an overlap between the two. Some of my paintings are done as pure abstraction when listening to music,  the colour and movement conveying the mood.
I get totally absorbed in the act of painting, beginning with a strong design and gradually adding colours combined on the canvas and maybe partially scraped off again. Imagination and memory play a large part in the completion of the work.  However, the pleasure also lies in the handling of the paint and of creating something original.
My current Contemporary collection of work is mainly fairly small, but I like to have variation, as each new painting is original and a different challenge. I love to discover unusual combinations of colour, sometimes conveying an overall atmosphere in the painting. Ultimately the painting dictates the outcome.

I have lived in Sussex most of my life and always painted.  Courses done at Brighton University (polytechnic then), and at the St.Ives School of Painting have helped influence a direction towards abstraction.

My influences stem from the St Ives artists of the fifties and sixties and also from the Glasgow School for their wonderful use of colour.

Usually I sell my paintings at Exhibitions, Brighton Art Fair and from home. They are ready to hang and affordable, ranging from £200 – £900.