sharen watson

Sharen Watson produces original contemporary artworks and prints in vibrant colours.  Atmospheric landscapes, creative subject matter, abstracted images and expressive brushstrokes.

Finding subject matter –

“I usually start a painting by playing with colours and textures. There’s a great deal of splashing, dripping, layering and turning of the canvas. Gradually the marks begin to suggest subject matter which I may or may not develop further. I love loose brushstrokes, multi layered texture and glazes, the play of colours one against the other.   Eventually I build an image I’m happy with and one that is totally of my creation.

What sort of art do you produce –

“I don’t know whether to call myself an Expressionist (when I can’t keep my paintbrush from moving with expression and speed) or a Colorist (because colour mixing is so important in my artworks).   Texture, striving for atmosphere and feeling within an image is all part of the creative thinking process.   Guess I could come under the heading of – a Contemporary artist. ”

What’s New –

Photoblock prints and canvas prints are a new venture.   Subject matter is selected from original artworks and paintings, the images are digitally remastered.

“It’s fun to hype up the colours, crop and alter images, and it’s very addictive. ”

Meet the artist

“I’m  proud to be of Scottish/Danish/Maori descent (Ngapuhi and Tuwharetoa).   I live with my long time husband of Irish/German descent.  Mixtures of heritage are quite common in our country creating the “Changing Face of NZ” created in one of my paintings.  We live on an avocado orchard in the Bay of Plenty, exporting fruit to places like Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.  Everything is very green around me, it’s a quiet pleasant lifestyle surrounded by children, grandchildren, and soon a great grandchild.  I musn’t forget 3 cats and a large dog of a fierce breed variety who is number four in the pecking order.