Ruth Brenner

Ruth Brenner is a UK based contemporary sculptor and installation artist.  Her working practice is intuitive based on material exploration and the act of making.  The ‘corporeal act of making’ as a fundamental human activity is central to her practice – ‘making’ is, therefore, inextricably linked with the outcome which is a visual record of cognitive processes.  The study of matter touches on natural science by exploring the nature of materials through observation and experimentation.  Intervention through decomposition or experimenting with material stability is an attempt to have control, but the action of breaking the materials down allows the object an autonomy that renders the artist ‘out of control’.

Brenner’s work plays with boundaries: industrial versus domestic; masculine versus feminine.  With the fusion of masculine and feminine materials, and craft and industrial processes she attempts to subvert expectations by creating objects that pose questions regarding their origins either materially or functionally – with the aim of creating a visual language that explores the relationship between process, maker and viewer.