ron whitby

I established Ron Whitby Images as a vehicle to display and sell my signed limited edition prints online. However, my journey in the field of photography actually began before I was old enough to go to school when a favourite uncle gave me a simple point and shoot camera as a fourth birthday present.

I have always been attracted to ‘fine art’ subject matter, but also enjoy photographing a range of action sports. As a result, I started out working as a freelancer for specialist sports magazines. For many years I covered national and international motor racing and rallying, windsurfing and alpine skiing events. In addition, I also took commissions from sports related manufacturers in the wet-suit, footwear and clothing sectors.

Many of the events I covered entailed travelling to a variety of incredibly beautiful parts of the planet. This presented me with the perfect opportunity to spend some time indulging in my passion for photographing land and seascapes. As I never seemed to have the time to market these images, they remained hidden away in a filing cabinet. Eventually, a friend suggested I place them with a leading stock agency, Getty Images Inc.

The advent of digital cameras, along with the development of professional image manipulation changed everything. Highly innovative software products, such as Photoshop, have made it possible to transform ‘traditional’ photos into something entirely different.

Contemporary photographers now have a massive range of tools available. In recent years, it has become significantly easier to experiment and push the boundaries of photography to previously unimaginable levels. Today, the only limit is the individuals’ own imagination; something I find tremendously invigorating and exciting.

Personally, I enjoy searching out potential locations and spending some time shooting at a variety of camera settings. Once home, I check out the results and might opt to leave some of the images virtually ‘as shot’. Alternatively, I might sit down at my PC and experiment with differing degrees of manipulation to produce sometimes entirely abstract.

Ron Whitby Images prints are sold in limited-edition runs of 20, each with a numbered and signed certificate.