ric conn

Artist’s Statement
First of all, my work explores the mind. Subliminal thoughts, feelings and emotions are the objects of my work. Also, the voyeur in all of us is hopefully realized by the viewer personally. Furthermore, emotions and responses aroused within the viewer by subjects and events are what I strive to reveal.  As a result, it makes them feel something, either positive or negative. 

Subliminal expressed in paint
Also, my body of work focuses on the spark of sensuality, that certain something that challenges the senses. Most of all I do not do classical, conventional academic paintings. Finally, It is hoped that anyone looking for unconventional art, including a portrait commission will find interest in my work.

My Style
My style is expressionistic. Non realistic and nonacademic  contemporary art explains my style. Also, the emotion of the subject and the energy from within myself  drive the creation of the piece.

Current Series: Mind and Emotions
My current series of paintings concerns  the mind.  I want to increase awareness of the unseen world of mental health which  is too easily overlooked or trivialized by society. Each painting depicts a different issue. Interesting, relevant and sympathetic to the condition it presents is my intention for each of the paintings.